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I have tried that to, talking to his commanding officer and come to find out they were friends. His commanding officer told me to set up an appointment for us to take a paternity test and call him back with the information so that he can take the test i did that 2 times and didnt show up for neither one.

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My dear, This child's father is in the Navy! Bingo! The military is VERY GOOD at getting the troops to pay up! Contact his command or commanding officer, that should help. If you can't get them, contact the Chaplain on the base he's out of for assistance. Your daughter is entitled to an allotment, medical and base benefits. Talk with base legal/JAGG on base. You have more rights than you imagine. Take care.

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I have a 11 year old daughter whose dad is in the navy and he doesnt do anything for her. He has been in the navy since I was pregnant with her, he doesnt send me any money. Do anybody know a website I can go on to try and put him on childsupport.

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